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  Rules of procedure - Final


Rule 69
Amendment and suspension of these Rules

1. Any rule may be amended upon motion made by any member after notice when such motion is carried by the Plenary Chamber by an absolute majority of all the members of the Chamber. Notice of such motion shall be delivered in writing to the Registrar at least one month before the session where it is to be discussed. On receipt of such notice of motion the Registrar shall be required to inform all members of the Chamber at the earliest possible moment.
2. Any Rule may be suspended by the Chamber or a Panel upon motion made without notice, provided that this decision is taken unanimously. The suspension of a Rule shall in this case be limited in its operation to the particular purpose for which suspension has been sought.

Rule 70
Notification of these Rules

1. These Rules and any amendment to them shall, when adopted by the Plenary Chamber, be notified to the Parties to the Agreement, to the Secretaries General of the Council of Europe and the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe and, while such office exists, to the High Representative referred to in Annex 10 to the General Framework Agreement for Peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
2. The Parties to the Agreement shall be requested to publish these Rules and any amendment to them in their Official Journals.