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  Annual Report 2002


Through the years, the Chamber has received sufficient financial contributions to enable it to carry out its mandate and this was the same in 2002. As always, however, the Chamber had to carry enough funds over into the new year to be able to function for the first few months until the promised contributions actually materialized. As in previous years, the contributions received in 2002 came almost exclusively from international donors, the largest contributors being the European Commission and the United States. Other contributions were received from Canada, Norway and Switzerland. Germany and the Netherlands each provided funding for one lawyer. The United States government also continued its generous support to the Chamber in the form of additional funding for the costs of the Executive Officer and three U.S. lawyers. In 2002, the State of Bosnia and Herzegovina made its largest contribution ever in support of the Chamber. In keeping with the State Treasury's procedures, the Chamber submitted receipts for operational costs which were then reimbursed. The total amount of receipts submitted and reimbursed was 390,980 KM.

A list of donors and their contributions plus a summary of the Chamber's expenses in 2002 are attached to this Report as Annex I.