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  Annual Report 2001


The Chamber received sufficient contributions to enable it to carry out its mandate during 2001. As in previous years, the contributions came almost exclusively from international donors without which the Chamber would not have been able to function. The government of Bosnia and Herzegovina allocated only 100,000 KM to the Human Rights Chamber from its 2001 State budget. This represents a reduction from past years in the State's commitment to providing funding for the Chamber.
Since its inception, the Chamber has not had the benefit of knowing in advance whether it would receive sufficient contributions to enable it to continue functioning for the following year. In most years, including 2001, this uncertainty over the Chamber's existence was not resolved until well after the first quarter of the year. Fortunately, each year, commitments ultimately were made and funding received. However, constant financial insecurity over the years threatening the very existence of the Chamber has meant that long-term strategic planning could not be fully considered. Nonetheless, the Chamber has been quite resourceful in its planning and has made optimal use of available funds to ensure that it deals with the applications it receives as efficiently and fairly as possible.

A list of donors and their contributions plus a summary of the Chamber's expenses in 2001 are attached to this Report as Annex H.